Nightpark Plant Nursery

Young plant producer for the wholesale trade in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe


Nightpark Nursery is a specialist propagator of plug plants and 9cm liners, we produce grasses, perennials, wildflowers, and some woody species.

We have made seed germination our specialty since the nursery started in 2002. Much of the seed we use is collected on-site on in the local area thereby ensuring it’s freshness and ‘trueness to type’.

We also deal with seed houses around the world obtaining interesting species that are hardy and suitable for cultivation in the British Isles. Our range of species includes many South African, New Zealand,
Australian and Chilean plants. Major lines include Ferns, Ornamental grasses and Eucalyptus species.

Our jumbo plugs are very popular with wholesale nurseries both in Ireland, the UK and beyond offering the following key advantages:

  • Economical to grow

  • Quick to establish

  • Easy to pot

Plant List

Our plant list expands every year. Our own passion for plants means that we add varieties that we have come across to our production, we are also guided in our range by our customer requirements.  It takes time to bulk up numbers of certain species so we have many projects in the pipeline at any given time.  A visit to the nursery is a must if you want to see the interesting plants that we have in production.

To arrange a visit, please contact us in advance -

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We supply plants throughout Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. We are a quality producer and our ever increasing sales are testament to our hard work and attention to detail

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                                                                   Angelica gigas.

                                                  Euphorbia mellifera plug

                                   Helleborus orientalis 'Lady Series'